On customer request, we offer installation of our products throughout Ireland


Our services for the installation do not include the removal of the old bathtub or shower, before our service your bathroom should be an empty space for a new product with water pipes and waste placed in the right position, electric cable also should be in place with separate fuse line and extra switch to control the socket outside the bathroom.


If you wish us to remove an old shower/bath please call us for more information.

General Pre-installation requirements for:

-Shower Cabins

-Steam Showers

-Whirlpool and Hydrotherapy Baths

-Shower Baths Combined

When you decide what model would you like to go ahead with, please contact us in advance so we can e-mail you an installation drawing with all the information about plumbing and electrical requirements.


Bathroom floor should be level and tiled before installation.

Selected units should be installed first in the bathroom before the sink and toilet are there.
(If the bathroom is being renovated or if it is a new home, thanks to this order of installation of the bathroom equipment, we have more space to install the bathtub. For just a replacement of the bathtub, we must have enough space on each side to be able to connect the water pipes and electricity.

Supplying pipes for cold and hot water and electric wire should be brought in into the right spot in the bathroom(according to the attached drawing).

Waste pipe 1 ½” also should be brought into the right spot in the bathroom, according to the product installation sketch (If a waste pipe is coming out from the wall it should be placed no more than 3 inches above the floor level. Baths comes with flexible waste pipe)

Separate power line only for the Bath coming from the fuse box – 2,5mm cable with 20A breaker( for units with a steam generator or water heaters built-in). Also, there should be an on-off switch outside the bathroom or a pull cord to control the power for the bath.

Water pressure required should be at least 2.0Bar for both – hot and cold water supply. For double baths and big-size corner baths required water pressure is 3.0Bar.



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