1. The warranty covers manufacturing defects of the product (i.e. bathtub, sauna or shower cabin) and imperfections in the material the product is made of
2. The warranty covers the repair or replacement of parts that the manufacturer deems defective.
3. The warranty period begins with the purchase and amounts to:
  • In the case of our installation, an 18-months warranty
  • According to the assembly instructions, in the case of self-assembly by the buyer, a 12-month warranty
  • Commercial use, a 12-months warranty
4. The basis for considering the complaint is proof of purchase.
5. Defects or damage to the goods revealed during the warranty period will be removed within the previously agreed period. All repairs are made at the customer’s (only in Ireland).
6. “Crystal Bathroom” shall not bear the costs of dismantling or damaging the elements hindering access to the product (e.g. glaze, etc.) or the costs of restoring these elements to their initial condition after a warranty repair.
7. If a defect in the product is discovered before or after its installation, its installation or use should be discontinued. The fault should be reported to the place of purchase of the product.
8. In any case, the product made available for repair must be clean, following the basic hygiene rules.
9. The complaint will be dealt with within 14 days from the date of notification. In the event of a minor defect, the company sends spare parts, and the customer himself replaces the elements after a prior arrangement with the seller.
10. If the repair requires the appropriate parts to be removed from the factory, the repair may be extended to 48 days.
11. During the warranty period, the customer can demand repair of the defective product.
12. During the warranty period, the customer has the right to replace the product with a new one or refund the money when:
  • The disclosed defect cannot be removed;
  • During the warranty period, 3 repairs of the same component were made, and the repaired product continues.
  • It has disadvantages that make it impossible to use it as intended.
13. The customer loses the warranty in the event of:
  • independent repairs and alterations of the electronic system;
  • damage caused by non-compliant maintenance;
  • damage to the product by misuse;
  • improper transport (it is recommended to transport only in the original packaging, in a position consistent with the markings); not following the instructions.
14. As part of the warranty, we provide service in Ireland. Outside the country, all repairs are made by the customer himself, and the courier sends the components needed for repair, and we instruct how to repair.
  • Used goods (display models);
  • water connection hoses, mixer faucets and a showerhead
  • parts subject to wear in regular Use (e.g. seals, rollers, sliders, etc.);
  • mechanical damage to the product or massage system;
  • glass parts, mirrors, knobs, lamps (LEDs, diodes), halogen bulbs, control lamps, safety plugs, current converters, power supplies, parts and components that could be defective due to negligence or improper use, as well as caused by circumstances irresponsible for the performance of the product, such as voltage surges, lightning, electrolysis, corrosion and in general all other causes resulting and likely to result from water and electrical equipment or random events or caused by force majeure. All fees for interventions without a reasonable defect such as installation and/or demonstration of the Product’s Use are to the requesting party.
15. The manufacturer is not liable for damages caused by:
  • precipitation of sediments from the used water (it is recommended to use appropriate filters);
  • improper care of the product (using agents containing acetone, caustic and abrasive substances, etc.).
16. The manufacturer does not grant compensation for indirect damage suffered by the customer or third parties due to damaged devices.
17. Any repairs not covered by the warranty are payable.
18. Noises during hydromassage operation (bathtubs and cabins) are not grounds for complaint.
19. “Crystal Bathroom”. Reserves the right to make changes to the products.
20. In case of losing the warranty card, “Crystal Bathroom” does not issue a duplicate.
Do not pour hot water higher than 38 ℃ directly into the bathtub; it will destroy the acrylic.
1. To avoid leakage or damage during transportation, do not carry by grabbing the pipe or other accessories.
2. Ensure that the device does not overload the electrical system and is earthed for your own safety.
3. The device should be connected by authorized personnel.


  • Cleaning the water jets: you can use dishwasher tablets, pour water into the tub, dissolve 2 tablets in a vessel, add to the tub with water, turn on the water pump for a few minutes. You can also use cleaning agents intended for whirlpool tubs or jacuzzis, such as BAYROL SPA TIME Pipework Cleaner.
  • Never sprinkle chemicals, jacuzzi salt directly on the bathtub’s acrylic, which may damage the acrylic coating. It is best to pour chemicals and salt into a water bucket, dissolve and add to a bathtub filled with water.
  • Structural elements (cabins, bathtubs) such as glass, painted parts, acrylic and plastic components should be cleaned only with a soft cloth and mild detergents.
  • Avoid using an abrasive paste, solvent milk, acetone, cleaning agents and disinfectants that contain chlorine, chlorides, etc. The following materials may be harmful to health and cause damage to the product – do not use them for washing cabins and bathtubs: acid-containing substances, alkalis, hydrochloric acid, polishes, nylon brushes, sandpaper and any other agents and materials that have a bad effect on health and may damage the bathtub.
  • The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by improper use, installation, or care. The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce changes to the design of the product.
  • Particular attention should be paid that the guides on which the rollers move, holding the door, are free from contamination.
  • Children and disabled people should not be left unattended / supervised in (cabin, bathtub).
  • Do not rest objects on the cabin that could weaken (scratch) or damage the cabin’s glass.
  • A maximum of one person can stay in the cabin.
  • Do not press, hit or otherwise affect the glass or cabin profiles.
  • The shower faucet’s correct operation and the entire water supply system largely depend on water quality, hardness, calcium saturation, and the content of impurities such as sand, limescale, etc. Water quality determines the frequency of maintenance of the faucet and the entire system by the User.
  • It is recommended to use mesh filters in water systems (e.g. located in the water system).
  • Electronic/electrical components should be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Disconnect the power supply before cleaning or maintaining the bathtub or cabin.
  • When you are finished using the bathtub or cabin, turn off the power outside the cabin/bathtub and close the water supply valve.
  • Do not turn on the massage function when filling the bathtub with water.
  • Remember to earth the 230 V system correctly.
  • The mains cable must be equipped with a waterproof switch.
  • Do not use bar soap in the hot tub.
  • After each bath, turn on ozone disinfection for 5-10 minutes to keep the bathtub clean.
  • The water connection hoses must be replaced on Irish reinforced due to various water pressures.
  • Do not use the shower enclosure within 24 hours after installation.
  • For security reasons, you should not allow children to play in the bathtub or shower.
  • Children and people with disabilities should not be left unattended / supervised in the bathtub or cabin.
  • Take care of the maintenance of the shower enclosure door. In the event of problems, please contact the post-warranty service.
  • For safety reasons, do not open the shower door suddenly.
  • Do not lean on the glass door as you may lose your balance if the door opens.
  • The use of instant-ignited boilers causes incorrect hot water consumption. Increase the water intake time to allow it to be heated.
  • Do not install a thermostatic mixer in the case of using a boiler with Instantaneous ignition. Before installing the bathtub in models with a thermostatic mixer, installing a water softener or filter is mandatory. Installing a filter will increase the thermostatic head’s life.
  • Make sure that the water drainage from the bathtub works effectively.
  • Do not obstruct the nozzles with objects or body parts.
  • Make sure the floor is always clean and dry to prevent slips or falls.
  • To prevent accidents, make sure that children and older people only use the hot tub/whirlpool when other adults are nearby.
  • When regulating the water temperature, do not open the hot water supply immediately.
  • Do not use the hot tub (bath, cabin) when the water temperature is too high. Use water at a temperature not exceeding 38 ° C.
  • You should pay attention to the duration of the bath; in case of a deterioration of well-being, immediately stop bathing and leave the bathtub, cabin.
  • Do not use alcohol, drugs or medication before and while using the hot tub/bathtub, as it may cause you to lose consciousness.
  • People who are obese, suffer from heart disease, have too high or too low blood pressure, suffer from cardiovascular disorders or diabetes, and pregnant women should seek medical advice before using a hydro massage cabin.
  • People taking medications should seek medical advice before using a hydromassage booth, as some medications may cause drowsiness, affect the heart, blood pressure and circulation.
  • Ask your doctor for advice before using the vaporizer.
  • Persons suffering from heart ailments, internal inflammations, infectious diseases, epilepsy and pace-maker owners must not be used.
  • Do not smoke in the shower cabin.
  • When the bathtub / hot tub is not in use, disconnect the power supply with the switch in the socket’s power supply circuit and close the water supply valve. cabins / bathtubs
  • It cannot use electrical devices in the cabin, such as a dryer or any other devices powered from the building’s internal installation.
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