Single whirlpool baths




Whirlpool Baths from our offer are characterized by a combination of aesthetics and comfort, which is extremely important when choosing such an important device. Almost all our units have the effect of a jacuzzi, caused by a large number of body jets aided by a powerful pump.

It is also worth mentioning that the whirlpool baths offered by our store have modern LED lighting in several colors, which can be freely set to suit your taste.





The whirlpool baths designed by our company is perfectly made for single person use. An individual can stretch, take bath and relax properly in our one person’s bath. Our one person baths are perfect for those who like to spend some time alone and get refreshed at the same time.Crystal Bathroom is a renowned and reliable online bathroom accessories and baths supplying company. Some of the famous one person bathroom accessories that you can purchase from our online store are baths, showers, hot tubs, saunas, swim spas, whirlpool baths, and Showerbath.All our products are available at a reasonable price rate. You can simply browse our website catalogue to find the product as per your requirement. We have a dream to give luxurious touch and extra relaxation to the bathing experience of each one our customer.

Safety guarantee:

  • All our bathtubs are made strictly according to CE,ISO9001,ROHS etc.standard.
  • All our bathtubs are with the electricity leakage protection system.


  • Best circulation pump.
  • Ozone generator can sterilize effectively.
  • Whirlpool shells are environmental protection,security,no pollution,no radiation.

High-efficient and Energy-saving:

  • Energy efficient is important, operating your jacuzzi over the year is part of the total cost.
  • Every component used in the manufacturing process has been selected to ensure that we use only the best.

Super-convenient operation:

  • Easy to use is nice, because you’ll enjoy your jacuzzi and use it more often. High quality computer control panel system and quiet circulation pump are helpful.


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