Swim Spas

Enjoy the benefits of swimming in a compact manner

Crystal Bathroom offers a quality range of Swim Spas designed effectively to make you avail of all the beneficial advantages of a swimming pool. It is compact in appearance and comfortable in styling.

Turn the backyard of your house into the finest part of that place by installing a pool spa. Now you can achieve the qualitative aspects of swimming with our swim spa, and a regular time spend of around 20-30 minutes will provide you with a physically healthy life. You can also use the spa to spend some quality time with your family.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • The products are designed for better and comfortable accommodation of your family.
  • The swim spa is a great means of exercise for the round of the year.
  • All our products are beautifully sculpted for a spa-like treatment with hydrotherapy jet seats.
  • The product offers a complete solution for your health and well being.

These attractive features of our Swim Spa allow you to enjoy the optimum benefits of this unit.

Ease of Installation

All the swim pool spa, supplied by Crystal Bathroom, comes with easy installation in any firm and level surface. Our Swim Spas can also install these pool spas inside the house in a converted garage as well.

Quality aspects

  • All the swim spas are equipped with high-quality acrylic to ensure year-long performance and enjoyment.
  • Unlike the other traditional pool tubs, our product is completely insulated with wall panels that lower the operating costs.
  • You can enjoy a great combination of a full-sized pool along with hydrotherapeutic benefits like a hot tub.

This product from Crystal bathroom offers an ample choice to those who want to have the best of both: A luxury spa and A fully adjustable swimming pool.

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