Infrared Saunas

Although an infrared sauna may seem identical to a classic Finnish sauna from the outside, there is a huge difference between them. Also built of wood, the infrared sauna has an innovative heating system based on infrared. In a classic Finnish sauna, the element responsible for increasing the cabin’s temperature is a stove with stones, which is poured with water to regulate the level of humidity and its temperature.

Infrared home saunas

There is a lot that you can experience with our sauna baths. A lot of negative effects are possible to shed from the body with sweating. Our saunas can help you to sweat a lot without any physical activity just in your bathroom. The possible benefits that you can achieve with sauna bath are relief from tension, unwinding muscles, a feeling of rejuvenation and revived.

Only spending a few minutes in the sauna can enhance your health and life. It has been proved by many scientists that a persistent amount of heat has lots of health benefits. Some of those benefits are as follow:

  • Decrease stress and fatigue
  • Works a pain reliever
  • Cleans the cellulite
  • Improve cardiac condition
  • Relax the mental and physical aspects
  • Removed toxins from the body
  • Enhance the sleeping status
  • Problems like cold hand and feet are solved.
  • Enhance the appearance
  • Improve cell rate
  • Provide an adequate amount of strength
  • Increase immunity power

Infrared, infrared sauna puts on electrically powered radiators hidden in the wooden structure of the cabin. Thanks to infrared radiation, infrared saunas are the most modern solution among saunas.

Infrared sauna (IR) – full security, highest comfort

Thanks to the use of electric heaters, the IR sauna does not need an intermediary in the form of air to raise the user’s body temperature. The infrared rays in the infrared sauna heat the body directly. This translates into the time needed to feel the positive effect of an IR sauna – we will use the temperature faster.

Thanks to the lower air temperature (up to 60 degrees Celsius), we can spend even twice as long in an IR sauna than during one session in a Finnish sauna. The infrared sauna will be appreciated by people who do not tolerate high temperatures.

Why is an IR sauna comfortable? Apart from short waiting times and longer sessions, it does not require intensive cooling of the body after leaving the cabin.

How to use an infrared sauna?

The IR sauna will provide you with the most health benefits if you regularly use this type of session. That is why home infrared saunas are such a good solution here. The infrared saunas price does not knock you off and will help your body stand on it back. Repeated treatment 1 to 3 times a week will make you feel much better.

Of course, we start with washing up. Remember that you should go to the infrared sauna at the earliest one hour after a meal. We are naked in the cabin, sitting on a towel. After the screening, wipe it off thoroughly. You can take a cool shower after a few minutes when the pores on your body begin to close.

Infrasauna – why is it worth it?

The IR sauna session perfectly relaxes, cleanses the body, soothes nerves and helps to get rid of stress accumulated during the day. It is a good solution for all overworked, overwhelmed by the daily duties of people. It is also worth adding that the infrared sauna is recommended for diabetes, overweight, hypertension or skin diseases, varicose veins, and respiratory tract infections.

In our offer, you will find a wide selection of infrared saunas with automatic switches, equipped with control panels, radio, speakers, lighting, air ionizer, windows and doors made of tempered glass. Selected models of IR saunas also offer a colour therapy function, which, combined with listening to music during the session, seems to be a delightful solution.

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