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Dry Finnish saunas
The Finnish sauna is another of our unique offers. It is widely known that Finnish saunas are a great therapy for both body and soul. That is why we recommend such a solution to everyone who cares about health, perfect appearance and great physical and mental condition. At Crystal Bathroom, we offer Finnish saunas with an oven, ideal for home conditions and allowing you to take advantage of beneficial dry baths at a high temperature in private comfort. Exactly as it is most convenient for you! With us you will choose a Finnish sauna that will fully meet all your expectations.


Finnish sauna – hot therapy for body and senses

Finnish saunas are the pride of Finland, its real showcase and something that residents of other countries are increasingly eager to reach for. France is famous for baguettes, cheese and the Eiffel Tower, Switzerland for excellent watches, Denmark for Lego, and Finland boasts a great invention – Finnish saunas . It is the secret of Finek’s health and beauty because:

  • cleanses, harden and strengthens the body,
  • improves blood circulation,
  • smoothes and oxygenates the skin,
  • perfectly prepares the skin for further care treatments, e.g. applying creams,
  • relaxes, soothes, relaxes the body and mind.

All this thanks to regular sessions in the Finnish sauna, i.e. a pleasant rest at high temperature.

Home Finnish sauna – your luxury every day

A dry sauna – Finnish, or another type of sauna , i.e. an infrared sauna , until recently seemed to be an exclusive and reserved solution for a narrow audience. The luxurious nature of the Finnish sauna has survived to this day, but fortunately only in terms of the unique properties of the sauna and its miraculous effect on our health and well-being. Currently, just like the inhabitants of Finland, we can enjoy a sauna every day, from the comfort of our own home.

If you care about a healthy lifestyle, excellent form and effective care of beauty, we offer an easy-to-install dry sauna , which you can freely set up in your own home (classic and corner models are available here). Each cabin has wooden benches, lighting, an electric stove with stones, a fin with a water ladle for sprinkling stones, as well as a hygrometer and hourglass for measuring the humidity and time of the steam session. A Finnish sauna at home is a great place to relax at any time of the day or year.

Sauna in the garden

Not only home saunas are gaining popularity, but also garden saunas that are increasingly seen . Thanks to the development of technology and increasingly wider range of stores, we have the opportunity to build and set up a Finnish sauna in our own garden. Construction may not be the easiest, especially for beginner builders, but such a solution brings many benefits.

Sauna in the garden is above all an amazing atmosphere given to the environment. It is also freedom in terms of sauna design. Such a cabin does not have to be just a cube or a cuboid. A Finnish sauna in the garden can take on fantastic shapes and please the eye even when we are not using it. In combination with a small pool for refreshment, it is a perfect idea to relax in the evening.

Dry Finnish sauna – how to use it?

For the efficiency of the steam session, as well as the pleasure of using a Finnish sauna, there are a few rules to keep in mind. We enter the cabin naked, but we take a towel with us , which we sit on. Before that, you should thoroughly wash the body. To increase the perceptible temperature and humidity of the air, pour hot stones on the water. After a session in the Finnish sauna lasting fifteen minutes, we cool the body through a cold shower or going outside.

The session can be repeated and even flogged with birch twigs just like the Finns do. At the end we have a bath – our body has spent a lot of sweat. The Finnish sauna is aimed at, among others cleansing the body of toxins and impurities . Therefore, after the bathing, we must wash them off with ourselves afterwards.

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