Hydrotherapy Baths

Hydrotherapy Baths – 30% OFF
Hydrotherapy Baths gives an amazing spa experience right at your personal bathroom. It massages the whole body and is used for rendering complete relaxation. We at Crystal Bathroom supply high quality bathroom accessories including Hydrotherapy Bath. These products are manufactured by the leading companies and possess great quality features. Here are given some of the quality features that inspire clients in making the purchase:
  • These bath accessories are made using high quality Acrylic material that does not lose its colour even after several years. Moreover, Acrylic is resistant to UV. The use of innovative technology and supreme quality components assure long term service.
  • A metal frame is fitted at the bottom on which the tub is placed and fitted. The Truss has supported legs and side support for forming a strong base. The bath can be moved conveniently even when the tub is filled with water. This eliminates the stress of developing a crack due to the weight of the water or the bathers.
  • The bathers can experience a Jacuzzi effect in the baths due to the fixation of an air pump as well as the Whirlpool massage with the water pump connected with it. Both these pumps are powerful, energy-efficient, and trusted for rendering an amazing bathing experience. Moreover, these remain silent, thereby, creating a peaceful environment.
  • These bathtubs have the Ozone Disinfection cleaning system that prevents the development of bacteria and other contaminants in the bathtub drain. This keeps the water in the tub free from the development of foul odour and bacteria.
  • The feature of aerating water massage with adjustable power massage enables to use the water massage along with the air Champagne Massage. Together they give a pleasing and effective whole body massage.
  • Varied sizes and diameters of water jets are mounted in the bath for rendering a complete body massage. The Jacuzzi air nozzles are fitted in the bottom of the tub that creates bubbles in the water.



Ours is one of the leading and well-renowned online suppliers of modern bathroom accessories. We have been in the field since 2011 and possess great knowledge about the requirements of our clients. Our aim is to render quality products and enhance the bathing experience for our clients. Visit our wide range of Hydrotherapy Baths displayed here to have a look and place the order as per the requirement. Great discounts are available on the products along with the assurance of prompt delivery.


The benefits of hydrotherapy include:
-fight cellulite
-dramatically increasing the elimination of waste, thus assisting detoxification
-loosening tense, tight muscles and encouraging relaxation
-increasing the metabolic rate and digestion activity
-hydrating the cells, improving skin and muscle tone
-boosting the immune system, allowing it to function more efficiently
-improving the function of the internal organs by stimulating their blood supply


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