Shower cabins with Hydromassage


SHOWER CABINS WITH HYDROMASSAGE Crystal Bathroom brings the best bathroom accessories with modern designs and style. This eventually enhances the functionality of the bathroom product as well as the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. We have always presented high quality baths and bathroom accessories with the best effective features. The wide range of showers displayed on our virtual shelves is made up of supreme quality material along with high end finishing touches. Hence, our Shower cabins come with 100% satisfaction and quality guaranteed.We take great precaution while packing the items. The whole product parts get packed up in four flat boxes. This also comes with the installation guide for providing further support.However, for installing the shower some requirements must be made. This includes:

  • The supply of hot and cold water in the bathroom prior to installation
  • The water supply in the bathroom must have a pressure of 1.5-2 BAR
  • Level up the bathroom floor prior to installation in case of uneven flooring
  • The water pipe is fitted on the right spot
  • An electric line connected with a separate fuse

Crystal Bathroom is counted amongst the top bathroom appliances suppliers on the internet. Beside shower, we also supply varied other bath and bathroom accessories including Whirlpool Baths, Hot Tubs, Saunas, Swim Spas, etc. Discounts are available for these products with easy and prompt delivery. We believe in making your bathing experience delightful and pleasurable.


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