POLARIS 18268A Swim Spa with Treadmill 5900X2280X1500mm

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POLARIS 18268A SPA pool with hydromassage with treadmill 5900X2280X1500mm

SPA bathtub + swimming pool

Material: Acrylic-USA

Size: 4.9 x 2.28 x 1.50 m

White color

Power supply: 220-380V / 15-50Hz

Stainless steel construction: yes

Temperature range: 15 ° C ~ 40 ° C

Capacity: 2-person spa area

Acrylic recessed jets: yes

Water jets: 14:

– Water jets (2.5 “): 7 (including 5 rotating)

– Water jets (3.5 “): 65 (including 2 rotating)

– Water jets (5 “): 2 (including 1 rotating)

Water jets aeration system: Easy-Flo Air Venturi

2HP / 1.5kW water pump: 1

Circulation pump 1HP / 0.75kW: 1

3 KW heater: 1

Ozone generator: yes

SPA light: 1 (7 kinds of colors)

Optical fibers: 25 (7 kinds of colors)

Suction valve: 2

Drain valve: 1

PRO-SWIM jets: 1 (Water flow stronger with speed control)

PRO-SWIM pump: 1 x 2.8KW

Water filter: 2

Control panel: yes

Treadmill: Yes


The products are aimed at people who care about their health and spend their time actively.

All pool basins are made of high-quality American acrylic, resistant to weather conditions and UV rays. The construction of the pools is made of chrome-nickel stainless steel. The basins and housings are available in many colors; the customer can individually order the colors. The controllers carry out daily filtration and maintain the set temperature. The equipment includes cartridge filters and an ozone generator for water disinfection. It is also possible to install a UV lamp and a sand filter.

The pools are adapted for use both inside and outside, in summer and winter. Thanks to the thermal coating and full insulation of the bottom of the basin and the casing, the water’s heat is kept at the same level for a longer time. Besides, electricity costs are minimized. Illuminated handrails or water poles add color to the entire device.

To install such a pool, an even, hardened surface and two power cables are enough. It does not require prior planning; you only need a sufficient amount of space to put it in the garden. The pools have different lengths, which gives a lot of room for maneuver; they are located in small gardens.


Running is a sport that strengthens our body’s muscles; it also positively affects its efficiency, primarily strengthening the heart and lungs work. Regular sports exercise reduces the risk of heart disease by almost half, mainly due to lowering blood pressure and resting heart rate and regulating cholesterol levels. However, running is not without its drawbacks; it can lead to injuries or strain your joints. This activity is also safer for the joints, as they are subjected to much less stress during water training.
Training pools offer an excellent training experience. The buoyancy of water reduces the body’s weight, so the pressure on the joints is reduced, and thus leg injuries are effectively eliminated. More and more professional athletes choose “cross-training” – the method of underwater running, as their basic training plan. Water-resistance is greater than air resistance, which significantly increases calorie consumption. The underwater swimming pool treadmill is the best fitness exercise equipment; it is also a great rehabilitation solution after injuries.  The company’s training pools are an innovation in sport and rehabilitation; they are perfect for amateurs and professionals.
Speed regulation technology is a convenient, efficient, and reliable possibility to adjust a smooth and even running speed.
Fluid drive – the underwater treadmill is mechanically driven; the device’s drive is devoid of electrical components, which guarantees the safety of treadmill users.

The treadmill structure is equipped with a mechanical seal.
The treadmill has its own independent system and control panel. The panel supports 9-speed programs. The panel is equipped with intelligent technology that is simple and convenient to use. Rehabilitation for disabled people can take place on underwater treadmills, which will significantly shorten the recovery time.
The BALBOA panel supports all functions in the bathtub and the pool, starting the pumps, ozone system, lighting, and ending with the heater. The controller has two independent water heating modes, which means that you can easily manipulate the water temperature depending on your needs. After programming the appropriate filtration cycle, it starts the circulation pump, which passes water through the filters and disinfects it.

The BALBOA controller can be with a WiFi module, which will allow you to control the bath using an application on your phone.

Our bathtubs and swimming pools are equipped with a 3000 W instantaneous water heater. Thanks to it, you can raise the water temperature and keep it at a constant high level. The heater is an indispensable device when using the SPA.
The jets in the bathtub and the pool are chrome-plated. You do not have to worry that these jets will become covered with limescale. Each water nozzle has an aeration function, which consists of adding air to the water system, which increases the strength of the water massage.
Most of the water jets can be turned off, which allows you to freely manipulate which parts of the body to massage and with what force. The jets found in SPA tubs are rotating, directional, and point-like.
The complete insulation of SPA bathtubs is made of polyurethane foam, the entire basin of the bathtub is covered with a thickness of about 15mm to 30mm, the casing and the bottom are about 10mm to 15mm, this prevents heat loss, thanks to which the power consumption of the heater is limited.

The housing is made of high-quality, weather-resistant plastic. Sunlight does not discolor the color of the housing. We have a different range of colors that can be selected from the available template.

The bottom is made of polymer and has been completely cast. On the other hand, the board is designed to provide insulation from the ground, moisture, and weather conditions. The bottom, casing, and full insulation create something like a thermos flask. Heat transfer lasts a very long time, which results in low electricity consumption.

Insulation standards for external bathtubs:

  • The polyurethane foam basin insulation has a thickness of about 15 to 30 mm.
  • The casing frame is made of wood, and the casing itself is made of high-quality plastic (30mm insulation thickness on the casing elements). The entire housing with the bottom is insulated with polyurethane foam with a thickness of about 10-15 mm.

Pumps and heater give heat to the bathtub and reduce the amount of heat given off by the basin, which reduces electricity consumption.

Insulating the bottom of the bathtub with polyurethane foam is more efficient and gives less heat to the atmosphere than foam with a thermal insulation foil available from competitors. Foam with a thermal insulation foil will not fill all the gaps, as in the case of polyurethane foam, which will tightly fill every free space, thanks to which the heat of the water does not escape from the basin.
Two ball valves are installed next to the circulating pump and the heater, which in case of failure of a given part, can be turned off and replaced without the need to drain the water from the bathtub. Manifolds and pumps have additional pipes that are connected to the drain. When draining the water from the tub, the water comes down from all lines by gravity and pumps without having to blow out and disassemble the pumps.
We have a thermal cover made of high-quality materials for each SPA bathtub and swimming pool. The cover complements the bathtub, which closes it and does not cause heat loss to the atmosphere.

For bathtubs and pools that have not been placed in a recess, it is possible to purchase steps in the color of the housing. They are made of the same material as the housing.
We offer fiber optic bundles and underwater lighting in 7 different colors in our tubs and pools. In terms of quality, optical fibers are definitely better than LED light. They are completely failure-free and shine with brighter light. These lights are the perfect solution for an amazing experience and create the right atmosphere while bathing. Our lighting changes colors smoothly, or it is possible to retain any color, giving even more pleasure from hydro-massage and swimming.

Color types: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, and white.

Colour therapy is an unconventional treatment method that exposes the sense of sight of a given person to the appropriate colors that soothe, relax or stimulate. When different colors surround you, you can have more energy and optimism.

The ozone generator is a special program that sterilizes the water so that both the bathtub/swimming pool and the water will be clean. It is a new and fast way to remove bacteria, algae, etc., the water does not need to be changed even up to 6 months.

It is possible to install a UV lamp for water treatment in SPA bathtubs and swimming pools. As sterilizers, they remove harmful substances from the liquid and eliminate viruses and bacteria. Thanks to their use, you can get spotless water. The properties of UV lamps for water make them applicable wherever necessary to use a clean liquid. Combining a lamp with an ozone generator results in a system that does not require chemicals to maintain clean water in the SPA.

For bathtubs and SPA pools used for public use, there is an option to connect a water treatment station with a sand filter. Several types of devices included—compact stations for dosing PH and CHLORINE, PH, and H2O2. The active oxygen system is used for people who are allergic to chlorine. There are professional stations for dosing PH, CHLORINE, ANTIGLON, and FLOCULANT. The probes are installed in an isolated chamber. There is a built-in filter in front of the chamber that purifies the water before it flows into the probes, protecting them from damage. Treatment stations are fully automated. After calibration, the station itself controls, tests, and doses chemicals to spa bathtubs and pools.


*Double insulation: €1,500

*Thermal cover for the entire pool: €1,200

* UV lamp: €500 (for a swim spa, it is best to install two UV lamps – one for the spa area and one for the pool)

* Lifter/Stand for the thermal cover: €300 (for swim spas, two lifts are recommended)

* Handrail for easy access to the pool: €180

* Balboa Touch ST3 panel: €500

* Balboa Wi-Fi module: €500



• CE- This Cert means that this product conforms with the essential requirements of the applicable EC Directives
• TUV – Technical Approval of Independent Certification Body
• Cleaning system – OZONE DISINFECTION built-in!
• Fast Delivery!! Only Brand New Products! 24 months parts warranty guaranteed!
• Only with us, you have 100% sure that the equipment described below will 100% agree with the actual condition of delivered to your swim spa.


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